Bibb County Area and Regional Analysis


Macon is located about 80 miles south of Downtown Atlanta and 72 miles from Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport. In population, Macon is the 6th largest city in Georgia and Bibb is the 9th largest county in population.

Effective January 2014, the city of Macon and county of Bibb merged into one government.  This has streamlined the day to day operations of the area while creating one voice to promote the amenities of the county.

As of 2017 the Bibb County population was 155,460 with an average household income of $60,779.

One of Macon’s key assets is its central location and transportation arteries.  Interstate highways I- 16, I-75 and I-475, and U.S. Highways, #23, #41, #80 and #129 intersect in Macon.  Macon is a hub for rail and trucking carriers with 37 motor freight common carriers with seven terminals in Macon.  The Southern Railway System has a modern electronic freight yard that gives efficient freight service to the area.

According to the Macon Economic Development Commission Macon’s primary targeted industries for the area include distribution centers, aerospace, shared services, automotive, food products manufacturing and advanced manufacturing. Macon/Bibb has experienced a significant increase in activity during the last few years. Source:

Industrial parks are conveniently located throughout Bibb County.  Allied Industrial Park in south Macon is the result of converting a World War II naval ordnance plant into affordable industrial space.  Although many new industries have located in this park, the main thrust is to provide incubator service to aspiring businesses and small industries.  Renewed interest has been shown for Macon’s Seventh Street industrial district, which began development in the mid-19th century.  Government officials and land owners met in February 1998 to discuss a $1.5 million improvement effort.  Also, some 47 structures would qualify for historic renovation tax breaks.

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