2014 Retail Market Profile Bibb County

The Macon retail market can be divided into 6 main areas: North Macon, East Macon, South Macon, Macon Mall Area, West Macon, and Sub-South. According to my recent annual survey of over 8 million square feet in Bibb County, the overall retail market currently shows a 78% occupancy rate in 2014 which is a slight improvement from 76% in 2011.

2014 Retail Market Profile Bibb County
Indicated vacancy rates for specific areas are summarized below:

Over the last few years the retail segment has incurred occupancy increases in the East Macon, North Macon and Vineville/Forsyth submarkets.

The North Macon market shows increased demand with new developments underway and in the planning stages.

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"2014 Retail Market Profile Bibb County"